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Introducing our law firm

We teach simple, effective tactics for healthcare providers to use in order to defend against physical assault.

Our Approach to Staff Safety in the Field of Medicine


My Occupational Defense is taught by safety consultants with first-hand experience in security administration and the medical field.

We understand that every industry has its own unique problems, and every workplace has its own kind of environment. Because of this, no one type of training can nor should be used across all sectors. The unique approach of My Occupational Defense looks at all angles, taking into consideration your workplace culture, staff members and goals.

Our modules for healthcare providers give students working knowledge of defensive strategies that can be applied immediately.

Our Focus Areas


Verbal Self Defense

Your first line of defense. Use communication skills to prevent, deescalate or even end a possible assault.


Defense Psychology

Recognize warning signs and defuse a situation before it becomes physical. 


Weaponless Defense

Protection for unarmed staff from assailants.


Environmental Awareness & Reactionary Gap

Evade and use items in your environment to enhance personal safety. Use the space between a potential attacker to put up defenses.


Takedown & Restraint

Minimize risk while protecting staff from violent patients without causing harm. 

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