04. Non-Medical Organizations

Self Defense for Corporations, Communities, Clubs, and Small Businesses

Imagine if you are working behind the counter of a store, and then a customer suddenly begins threatening you. Would you know what to do? Or if you are sitting in your open office desk or in your cubicle, and then you suddenly hear shouting and gunshots in the next room?

My Occupational Defense training is not limited to those in the medical field. If you believe your workplace is in need of practical de-escalation and self-defense training, our workshops and training curriculum can be adapted to your environment.

Below are some reasons to implement a program in your workplace:

Your office is located in a place with a history of crime incidents

A disgruntled former co-worker has been threatening staff

Employees are fearful due to recent news on workplace violence (e.g. mass shootings, etc.)

Make sure your employees feel more confident, secure, and valued by providing them with the knowledge on how to protect themselves in a crisis situation.

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